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Through the years we have assisted countless individuals, couples, and families through difficult times. Through our solution oriented therapy, we turn problems and challenges into opportunities for growth. Yes, we can help!  And, our counseling services are covered by most health insurances.

Scott Kambak, Founder & Executive Director

Success Unlimited Counseling
Covered by most insurances.


Individual Counseling
Each counseling experience is unique, just as every individual is unique. 


Couples Counseling
In couple’s counseling we help the couple deal effectively with their immediate problems and learn better ways of relating in general.


Family Counseling
Family counseling assists in the improvement of the quality of family life through nurturing and supportive therapy. 

Individual, Family, and Couples Counseling
The sooner your problems are addressed the more likely they can be remedied.  

From time to time, individuals, couples, parents, and families face challenges in day-to-day living.  These may involve self esteem concerns, relationship problems, achievement difficulties, painful transitions, and more. Compassionate counseling is provided to adults, teens, and children in a wide range of specialty areas.

Individuals' concerns can vary widely. Regardless of the presenting issues, we look to maximize strengths, minimize weaknesses, and bring about lasting, effective, change…quickly!

Our family counseling sessions help to get to the root of underlying problems, resolve them, and bring about optimum family functioning.

Marriages are ever changing dynamic entities that may from time to time encounter difficulty. Marital problems cause distress, while at the same time, the marriage temporarily ceases being the supportive resource that it had been for both parties. Through counseling, we can correct this.

We are accepting new counseling clients. We also provide secure Telehealth Counseling sessions.