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Neurofeedback (EEG Biofeedback)

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We at Success Unlimited are proud to be an affiliate of the highly acclaimed EEG Spectrum, International, Inc. and EEG Institute programs. Because of their tremendous leadership and ongoing research efforts, we have always been, and will continue to be, at the forefront in providing quality, professional Neurofeedback (EEG Biofeedback) services.

Scott Kambak, Founder & Executive Director

Success Unlimited Affiliations
Highly acclaimed EEG Spectrum International, Inc. and EEG Institute 


EEG Spectrum International, Inc. and EEG Institute
EEG Spectrum International, Inc. and EEG Institute provide clinical services in Neurofeedback. Their clinical experience covers a broad range of symptoms including ADHD, autism spectrum, conduct problems, anxiety, depression, migraine headaches, traumatic brain injury and many other dysfunctions that affect emotional and physical well-being.   

imgIncredible Savings Available Now!
Our neurofeedback fees ($65 per 40 minute session, for a block of 40 sessions, paid up front, or $70 for a block of 20 sessions, paid up front, or $75 per session, paid session-by-session). Our rates are thousands of dollars less than those charged by the big, well-advertised centers.  

Neurofeedback (EEG Biofeedback) Training
Effective for a variety of conditions and disorders  

Many students who struggle to learn have significant attention problems. They tend to do at least some of the following: make careless mistakes, frequently shift attention, fail to finish tasks, be unorganized, misplace things, be easily distracted, forget things, fidget, talk too much, be impatient, interrupt, be unable to delay gratification, not respond to consequences, and be seen as “troublemakers.”  Because of these attention problems and resulting frustration, their academic performance, self esteem, and relationships tend to suffer.

Since 1994, students of all ages have been coming to us for Neurofeedback training to enhance their focus and attention skills. And they have been attaining excellent results!  Teachers, parents, and the students, themselves, have been very pleased. Like any other skill, attention can be practiced, and mastered. Our students take great pride in training themselves up into better focus and attention on our new large screen computers featuring 3-D images! And, parents are thrilled to find that we require no upfront payment, no minimum number of sessions per week, no long term contracts, and our Neurofeedback fees are thousands of dollars less than those charged by the big, well-advertised centers!

We are always happy to explain, and/or demonstrate, this exciting new technology to interested students and their families. Whether a student has severe ADHD or just a bit of difficulty paying attention to things that are not very interesting to him/her, we can help! 

Our Neurofeedback training is also very effective with a variety of other conditions/disorders, including: asperger's disorder, autism, tourette's syndrome, anxiety, depression, headaches, chronic pain, learning disabilities, vertigo, epilepsy, all types of addictions, and more.  

Featured Neurofeedback (EEG Biofeedback) Videos
For a better understanding of how Neurofeedback can work for you, please take a look at these videos. 


Neurofeedback and ADHD Neurofeedback is a type of biofeedback that can be used to train ADHD individuals to improve their attention, focus, and overall brain functioning.


Neurofeedback and Autism
Neurofeedback can reduce the symptoms of autism by fostering self-repair of communication pathways and promoting maturation of brain functions.


Neurofeedback and Peak Performance
Neurofeedback can help people reach their peak performance level. The connection between mind and body is very powerful, and learning control is the key to success.