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Educational and Psychological testing tends to get to the root of a student's problems. Usually, what is found is a complex intermingling of contributing factors. That is why it is typically best to investigate most of the significant aspects of a student's functioning: intelligence, academic achievement, processing skills, social-emotional, and motivation.

Scott Kambak, Founder & Executive Director

Make a Difference
Through testing, needs are identified


Educational Testing
Educational testing measures intelligence, academic achievement, visual processing, auditory processing, motor, language, memory and other important skills.

The information gained through testing can help determine the best direction for the future.


Psychological Testing
Psychological testing evaluates, emotional, behavioral, and interpersonal characteristics.

The information gained through testing can help determine the best direction for the future.

Educational & Psychological Testing
This can be critical for students who struggle in school

Through testing, we can identify studentsí strengths and weaknesses, and pinpoint just exactly what is going wrong with their learning. When testing is done, it can truly be determined exactly what interventions (tutoring, remediation, counseling, etc.) must be initiated to enable students to be successful at school. Our formal test report includes specific and effective recommendations for the home, the school, and outside of school settings. Any special learning accommodations that would be of benefit to the student are also included. Although we do a considerable amount of testing (for dyslexia, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, etc.), we are always able to schedule and complete the testing of students in a timely manner.

Our testing programs are designed to fit every need and every budget. In fact, parents are constantly telling us that our testing fees are less than half of those charged by other psychologists on their school's referral list. And, they love that!