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One-to-One Tutoring and Remediation

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We have no registration fee! We do not require testing to enter our center! We do not mandate a particular number of sessions per week! Long term contracts are not required! An hour or two per week can make all the difference!

Scott Kambak, Founder & Executive Director

Success Unlimited Tutoring
Unique multi-focus approach


One-to-One Tutoring Fees
Our one-to-one tutoring fees are less than those charged by the big national centers for their group work!


Student Success...Unlimited
Our students have gone on to graduate from such outstanding educational institutions as the University of Southern California, Notre Dame University, the University of California Berkeley, and Princeton University, among many others. 


Incredible Savings Available Now!
We are offering our one-to-one professional tutoring for $42 per 50 minute session, paid session-by-session, or $38 per session, for a block of 20 sessions, paid up front.

One-to-One Tutoring and Remediation
Academic assistance - preschool through college

Here at Success Unlimited, we specialize in one-to-one academic assistance preschool through college age. Readiness, reading, and beginning arithmetic skills through advanced algebra, chemistry, and Spanish are taught by our professional teachers. We tailor our work completely to the needs of the individual student (as identified by the teacher, the parents, and where appropriate, the student, himself).  

We employ a totally unique, multi-focus approach, addressing any or all of the following: current coursework assistance, academic remediation, processing skills remediation, study skills training, and ongoing educational guidance and monitoring. 

We offer diagnostic, comprehensive, and neuropsychological testing to students in need. However, testing is not required here. We also maintain contact with the student's teacher and school, if the family so desires.

Our regular academic programs and/or any of the following specialized academic programs or additional programs and services can be combined to fit the needs of any particular student. And, our fee for one-to-one tutoring from experienced professional teachers is actually less than that charged by the big national centers for their group work!